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Brain Injury Rehabilitation for Young Adults

As a leader in acquired brain injury (ABI) rehabilitation, Mentis Neuro Health offers a unique program for patients age 16 to 21 years regarding traumatic brain injury (TBI), aneurysm rupture, stroke, brain tumors and more. We understand that teens and young adults who have

sustained a brain injury have social, psychological and educational needs that are quite different from older patients. As such, we’ve created our Adolescent Program to specifically address the needs of our young adult patients and guide them along the road to maximizing their potential.

Our therapeutic day addresses a broad spectrum of rehabilitation strategies to achieve progress for each individual according to his/her personalized rehabilitation needs. We carefully listen to our patients and their families, and then we respond with a plan that is achievable and agreeable to our young adult patients.

Mentis’ therapies aim to improve memory and problem solving, mobility and gait, self-care therapies, guidance on activities for daily living, stress and anger management. Counseling specifically for our young adult patients includes:

  • Psycho/social counseling
  • Adolescents being paired with slightly older adults for group meetings and outings that are tailored to patients’ interests
  • Substance abuse counseling, if needed
  • Mobility therapies
  • Communication therapy
  • Partnering with school districts to provide on-site academic tutoring

Our facilities provide a safe, nurturing environment where our patients can focus on neurorehabilitation that’s age appropriate. Mentis’ highly trained medical staff guides young men and women through the rehabilitation process, keeping in mind that each individual’s path in unique.

To provide the right level of care for young adult patients, we offer:

  • Community-based day programs
  • Inpatient transitional rehabilitation
  • Life-long “Thrive” programs

With facilities across Texas and Ohio, our expert team is ready to help patients and their families with meaningful rehabilitation. Mentis works with a wide range of insurance carriers and plans to help deliver the best possible rehabilitative care for brain injury patients.

Contact us today to learn more about our Adolescent Program and to tour our facilities.

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Mentis Neuro Facilities


511 Oakwood, Suite 100
Round Rock, TX 78681

P: 512.792.4087
F: 866.683.1006

Dripping Springs
400 Old Hwy 290
Dripping Springs, TX 78620

P: 512.894.0801 ext 0
F: 866.683.1006

El Paso
4360 Doniphan Drive
El Paso, TX 79922

P: 915.351.4441
F: 866.511.6789

9551 Fannin Street
Houston, TX 77045

P: 713.331.0259
F: 832.202.0899

San Antonio
6849 Crestway Drive, Suite B
San Antonio, TX 78239

P: 210.599.4400
F: 210.599.4500


3625 Marsh Road
Stow, OH 44224

P: 330.346.0060
F: 330.319.7377

Facility ID Numbers

Mentis Austin: 100976, 000573, 000575
Mentis Houston: 103275
Mentis Neuro San Antonio: 105124
Mentis El Paso: 106227

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