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Inpatient Rehabilitation Program
for Brain Injury Patients

Mentis Neuro Health offers an advanced inpatient rehabilitation for individuals living with mild to severe brain injuries. Our facilities are specially designed to provide a healing environment to meet the unique needs of each resident. We carefully listen to residents’ needs and goals, and then develop a treatment plan that covers improving memory, problem solving, enhanced mobility, self-care skills, stress and anger management as well as job skills and more. Our inpatient program guides residents through rehabilitative steps, helping participants to achieve key milestones according to individualized treatment plans. For most patients, our inpatient program lasts between 3 weeks and 6 months, depending on the patient’s needs. This program focuses heavily on helping patients return to their homes & communities with about 90 percent of the therapy centered on rehabilitation. Our inpatient program, which we consider to be transitional, is quite different from the approach we take in our Life Long Living program.

We understand that brain injuries impact not only the patient, but also affect family members and friends. Mentis’ individualized and comprehensive treatment programs efficiently provide for the patient and their entire support system. Our goal is to restore patients’ self-directed functionality so they can eventually live with as much confidence and independence as possible, with minimal need for support services. The results of our testament programs are truly impressive.

The length of stay in our inpatient rehabilitation varies from patient to patient but, again, our goal is to enable each resident to regain independence. After completing the inpatient rehabilitation, our team can help your transition to our outpatient or day treatment programs. When possible, we’ll even keep the therapists that know your personal needs involved in your therapy. This helps those living with acquired brain injuries to continue making progress, while giving them skilled resources for ongoing support and growth.

Our goal is to enable you or your loved one to regain independence. After completing our inpatient rehabilitation program, our team help you you enter one of our outpatient  or day treatment programs to continue your progress. We are ready to support you with your needs. Our clinical evaluators can conduct a thorough assessment and match needs with Mentis’ offerings.

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