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Long-Term Care fo Brain Injury Patients

Mentis Neuro Health provides long-term care for people with various brain injuries. The long-term residential program offers individualized, professional services and programs designed to treat individuals with prolonged, difficult-to-treat and often complex psychiatric and developmental disabilities. Our typical resident has experienced numerous hospitalizations, is unable to live independently and is in need of long-term care. Individuals with mild to moderate behavioral problems are accepted based on assessments. The length of stay can vary from one year to life-long care with an emphasis on safety, community access and overall quality of life. Program participants must be medically stable and age 16 or older.

Our home-like setting is designed to maximize each person’s quality of life by developing leisure, social and vocational pursuits that the individual finds meaningful. Our safe environment encourages residents to achieve higher self-esteem and greater personal growth. Facilities are nestled in the beautiful Texas Hill Country of Dripping Springs, and the more urban settings of Houston and El Paso. Residents are encouraged to engage in skill-building activities within the community that enhance their quality of life.

Since mental illness can impact every aspect of life, specific treatment strategies have been designed to meet the patient’s specific needs.

Licensed, professional staff provide psychological testing and therapy to help prevent severe episodes and costly re-hospitalization. Specific emphasis is given to a non-punitive approach because for some, mental illness is a life-long struggle for peace of mind and security. Therapies available in the long-term care program include:

  • physical therapy,
  • cognitive re-training and speech therapy,
  • occupational therapy,
    • behavioral
    • spiritual
  • individual psychotherapy,
  • vocation and job placement services.

The smiles on residents’ faces and the positive outcomes we achieve are absolutely reassuring. In fact, many Mentis residents have been able to return to work, school and beloved leisure activities.

Discover a Nurturing Home with Experienced Professionals to Support Your Loved One.
Helping individuals with brain injuries, psychiatric disorders and developmental disabilities can be challenging. Mentis understands. What’s more is that our trained staff members are passionate about providing individualized, comprehensive care in an encouraging environment.

Learn more about our admissions process and contact us today to discuss your loved one’s specific needs by calling 855-921-7978 or emailing mentisinfo@neurorestorative.com.