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Careers at Mentis Neuro Dripping Springs, TX

Our people make all the difference. Get to know some of our leaders at our Dripping Springs facility.

HIRED AS: FRONT DESK CLERK CURRENTLY: ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT MENTIS NEURO AUSTIN Mentis has a culture of respect and teamwork. I enjoy coming to work each and every day. From what I have experienced, employees at Mentis excel at teamwork and open communication. The positive climate facilitates higher production and employee satisfaction. I have felt encouraged to grow within our company. My tip for success is to stay positive and be open to change.
HIRED AS: PROGRAM SUPERVISOR CURRENTLY: OFFICE MANAGER MENTIS NEURO AUSTIN Mentis facilitates an environment of high staff morale. Everyone is very encouraging and supportive. Supervisors listen and facilitate growth. My tip for success is to be honest with co-workers and yourself. Lead by example and be open to feedback. Create open dialogue with your supervisor about your desire to grow.
HIRED AS: DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS CURRENTLY: BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER MENTIS NEURO AUSTIN What I like most about the Mentis culture is the emphasis on work/life balance and on a team-oriented approach. My success tip for other employees who would like to grow within the company is to communicate effectively. Let others know your thoughts and needs. If you have an idea share it! If you have a question ask it! Work hard, but allow yourself time to unwind.

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