Announcing the FY19 Q1 SRS Heroes

The MENTOR Network’s Specialty Rehabilitation Services (SRS) Heroes is an employee recognition program through which we celebrate employees whose actions make them a hero to those we serve or their colleagues.

We are proud to have an amazing team of employees working tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of the individuals we serve with brain and spinal cord injuries and other neurological challenges.

Each quarter, The MENTOR Network’s Specialty Rehabilitation Services (SRS) Heroes program recognizes six employees for going above and beyond on behalf of the individuals we serve.  No matter the role—whether in direct care, program leadership or a support function—everyone in The MENTOR Network’s specialty rehabilitation services family—delivered by partners NeuroRestorative, CareMeridian and Mentis Neuro Health–plays an important part in ensuring the delivery of quality of life enhancing services for our participants on the road to recovery from brain or spinal cord injury.

“The SRS Heroes program is a great way to recognize and thank our valued employees,” said Bill Duffy, Specialty Rehabilitation Services President. “On behalf of everyone at NeuroRestorative, Mentis Neuro Heath and CareMeridian, I want to thank all of our passionate and dedicated employees and congratulate this quarter’s SRS Heroes.”

 Q1 SRS Heroes:

Anjella Theodore, Case Manager, NeuroRestorative Florida

As the Case Manager for NeuroRestorative Florida’s program in Tampa, Anjella positively impacts the lives of individuals with brain injury every day. Her passion and dedication drives her to show up early and stay late to ensure the needs of her co-workers’ and the individuals they support are met. She can often be found volunteering additional assistance throughout the program while also ensuring that she has time to meet with each person served on a weekly basis. Anjella is a strong advocate and will exhaust all possible options to provide the individuals she serves with every service opportunity available to them. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Anjella worked diligently to assist with NeuroRestorative Florida’s recent CARF survey. Even with her busy schedule, Anjella finds time to volunteer at organizations within the Tampa Bay area.

“Anjella has been a tremendous asset to our clinical team,” said Joselyn Bazil, Program Director, NeuroRestorative Florida.

Marco Chavez, LST, Mentis Neuro Health

Marco excels as a Life Skills Trainer (LST) with Mentis Neuro Health in El Paso, Texas. He greets staff and participants early each morning with an ever-present bright smile and positive attitude. Marco has a knack for breaking down complex tasks into achievable steps and making each step along the way exciting and enjoyable. He takes great pride in assisting individuals re-entering the El Paso community by making sure they are adequately prepared for any challenge they may face. When an individual served is struggling, Marco is always the first person to offer assistance and reassurance that everything is going to be alright.

“Marco leads by example, motivates others, and always finds the shining light in the gloomiest of days,” said Johnny Dennis, Administrator, Mentis Neuro Health.

Marta Ketter, Speech-Language Pathologist, NeuroRestorative Carbondale 

In addition to her role as a Speech-Language Pathologist, Marta heads up the Employee Appreciation Committee at NeuroRestorative Carbondale. She is continuously looking for creative ways to recognize staff efforts. Marta is also a skilled presenter who has been instrumental in the development and delivery of a monthly staff training program that focuses on the individualized needs of those with swallowing disorders. Additionally, Marta developed a training titled Cultural Differences and Rehabilitation, a Hispanic View, which she has presented nationally. As Spanish is her first language, Marta is often called upon to help bridge the communication gap between caregiver and the person being served as a Certified Medical Interpreter. She recently volunteered to take time out of her busy schedule to provide communication assistance to a young man served in Carbondale. This young man’s mother is from the same area of Guatemala as Marta, and they speak the same dialect. Marta is the only connection this individual has with his mother, who lives more than four hours away from the program.

“Marta is a highly regarded expert in her field and highly respected member of the treatment team,” said Garrett Cook, Program Director, NeuroRestorative Carbondale.

Darren Wiseman, LST/Driver, NeuroRestorative Maine

Darren is a passionate musician who utilizes his craft to create motivational experiences for the individuals served by NeuroRestorative Maine. Darren has always been participant-focused, and he uses music as a way to build rapport with the individuals he serves. Shortly after starting his career at NeuroRestorative Maine, Darren partnered with one of our Recreational Therapists to obtain a rehearsal space and form a participant-led rock band. This inclusive band has served to give individuals a sense of accomplishment while simultaneously working on cognitive skills such as memory, attention to task, fine and gross motor skills, social pragmatics and more in a meaningful way. Through Darren’s leadership, the group has gone on to play at local fairs, festivals, fundraisers, and other community venues of varying sizes. He has also utilized his background in the film industry to help establish a Theater program in order to work on recall, communication skills, and abstract thinking skills.

“The words caring, valued, dedicated, knowledgeable, helpful, thoughtful, and altruistic are all words that describe a hero, and also Darren,” said Britney Bagley, Cognitive Retraining Specialist, NeuroRestorative Maine.

Mie Sun Song, CNA, CareMeridian California

Mie Sun is an incredible asset to the CareMeridian California team in Oxnard as a Certified Nursing Assistant. She is always ready to help in any situation with a warm smile and friendly disposition. Mie Sun has terrific attention-to-detail and demonstrates great judgment in her daily activities. Recently, one of the individuals served by CareMeridian California became lethargic and appeared pale. Mie Sun recognized this immediately and took the appropriate steps to check the individual’s vitals and provide additional support. The individual was found to be hypotensive and required extra care. Mie Sun’s ability to recognize the symptoms and act quickly allowed this individual to receive prompt medical attention when he needed it most.

“Mie Sun is compassionate to everyone she meets,” said Arlyn Miranda, RN, CareMeridian California.

Gloria Pickering, Spanish Services Coordinator and Community Re-Entry Specialist, CareMeridian California

Gloria is an exceptional Certified Medical Interpreter who serves as the Spanish Services Coordinator and Community Specialist for the Winways program of CareMeridian in California. In her role, Gloria interprets therapy sessions, family conferences, medical appointments, and therapy materials for our Spanish speaking individuals and their families. She expertly establishes rapport with individuals during pre-admission evaluations at the hospital, and they are always pleased to see her again upon admission into the program. Her colleagues describe her as an extremely hard working and compassionate team member who quietly leads by example. Individuals who graduate from the Winways program will often call to thank Gloria for her assistance and give her updates on their current activities.

“Gloria is an amazing team member who enhances the program by her dedication, creativity, initiation, attention to detail, and compassionate spirit,” said Pamela Lew, Occupational Therapist, CareMeridian California.

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Patients Help with Hurricane Harvey Recovery Efforts

Late August – early September 2017 marked the arrival of Hurricane Harvey on the south Texas coast. The city of Houston and many of our Mentis family members were severely impacted by this storm. People and organizations from across the country came to the aid of Texas. In fact, the patients of the Mentis Austin Day Program expressed the desire to help the people of Houston. Our therapists had also been voicing their desire to help, so they worked with our patients on this project without losing sight of why our patients are at the Austin Day Program. Some patients went shopping for items, allowing them to work on such skills as money management, scanning and memory. Other patients focused on fine motor group work and assembled care packages. Our patients then ventured out on a Community Outing with the therapists and delivered the packages to Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN).

This recent event is a good reminder that Mentis wants the best for our patients. When we work together as a team, we can achieve greatness even in difficult times and uncertainty.

Best wishes for our Mentis Houston family during this difficult time.

Austin Sheffield
Program Director
Mentis Austin

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A Leading Texas Rehabilitation Company Advances Healthcare in Cincinnati

Mentis Neuro Health, experts in traumatic brain injury and stroke rehabilitation, launches new outpatient day program

Cincinnati, OH — August 29, 2017 — Mentis Neuro Health, headquartered in Houston, TX. and a leader in post-acute rehabilitation for people with acquired brain injuries (ABI), announced today that it is launching a new outpatient treatment facility in Cincinnati. The new facility will be located at 10101 Alliance Road, Suite 120 in Blue Ash, OH. and officially opens on Tuesday, September 5, 2017.

When asked why the Company was expanding into Cincinnati, Jerome Mee, an Ohio native and Chief Executive Officer of Mentis Neuro Health said, “My home state of Ohio welcomed Mentis several years ago when we opened our inpatient rehabilitation facility in Stow. I am proud to further our mission of providing excellence in individualized care to patients and their families across southern Ohio.”

Mentis Neuro Health is the largest provider of post-acute rehabilitation healthcare in Texas. The Company is also launching another outpatient day program facility in Cleveland in the coming weeks.

For more information about Mentis Neuro Health, traumatic brain injury (TBI) or stroke, please visit or contact the Company’s communications department at

Reporters may also contact:
Company Name: Tell Your Tale Marketing
Contact Name: Megan F. Salch
Phone Number: 713-864-1344 x1
Email address:


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“Using Onboarding Automation to Drive Specialty Care Access” in Patient Engagement HIT, May 23, 2017

Mentis’ Chief Technology Officer Morgan Porter discusses how “onboarding automation improved patient specialty care access by 21 percent.

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Mentis Neuro Health receives ‘Best Achievement in Digital Transformation’ award.

Mentis Neuro Health was recognized on March 23 at the 2017 Business Transformation and Operational Excellence Awards (BTOEs) for ‘Best Achievement in Digital Transformation’.

Specialist rehabilitation experts Mentis Neuro Health triumphed in this award category due to the outstanding results achieved in transforming the patient onboarding process, reducing the end-to-end process by 90% in just 90 days by digitizing complex business rules based on specialist medical knowledge. As a by-product, this achievement in improving the efficiency of patient care has led to a 21% increase in patients choosing Mentis Neuro Health over competitors.”

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CORE Health Care is now part of the Mentis Neuro Health family!

For Immediate Release

Mentis Takes First Step in Planned Service Expansion with the Acquisition of CORE Health Care

Bellaire, Texas – May 2, 2016 – Mentis Neuro Health is pleased to announce the acquisition of CORE Health Care. This addition is a significant first step in the company’s plans to strategically expand beyond post-acute rehabilitation into other lines of neuro patient care. CORE’s combination of comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation, long-term care, day programs, outpatient rehabilitation and therapy services perfectly align with Mentis’ plan to broaden its service offering and improve the quality and sustainability of care it provides to those affected by acquired brain injury.

“We are excited to have the resources of CORE Health Care under the Mentis Neuro Health umbrella,” stated Jerome Mee, Chief Executive Officer for Mentis. “The expansion of our services is instrumental to our ability to better serve and care for patients with long-term needs. We want to enhance our expertise with those who share our commitment to delivering the highest quality of care possible. We found that in CORE.”

“The CORE team is thrilled to be part of the Mentis Neuro Health family,” noted Eric Makowski, former Co-owner and Chief Executive Officer of CORE Health Care and current Vice President of Advocacy Affairs and Business Development for Mentis. “Since its inception in 1983, CORE has been fueled by the desire to maximize each person’s recovery and independence. I am excited to be working side-by-side with a group that shares this commitment to quality care.”
Mentis’ service and geographic growth plan was the driving force behind the company’s decision to change its name from Mentis Neuro Rehabilitation to Mentis Neuro Health. The name change occurred in April 2016. The integration of the word “health” also reflects Mentis’ company-wide commitment to the life-long well-being of its patients and to positively impact their quality of life.

“According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there currently are 5.3 million people living in the United States with a lifelong disability as a result of traumatic brain injury and another 1.1 million that are disabled due to stroke. Expanding our services so we can address the life-long needs of this population was extremely important to us,” noted Mr. Mee. “Once the decision to increase our capabilities was made, the word ‘rehabilitation’ by itself no longer fit the broader spectrum of care Mentis plans to provide.”

Effective immediately, CORE’s four treatment facilities in Dripping Springs, Texas and its outpatient and day program facility in Austin, Texas will now operate under the name Mentis Neuro Health. These additional facilities complement Mentis’ existing presence, totally 127 beds and more than 463 employees (includes all six facilities and corporate headquarters).

Mentis plans to continue to look for opportunities that support its growth strategy and is exploring both additional acquisitions and the development of new facilities.

“The addition of CORE is the first of what we hope is many strategic acquisitions that strengthen our ability to impact the quality of life of the patients we serve,” Mr. Mee added. “For us, it’s all about the patient at the end of the day and helping the maximum amount of patients possible is our ultimate goal.”

For more information, please visit the Mentis Neuro Health website:

Contact: Pat O’Reilly, Vice President of Development, Mentis Neuro Health
281.615.6942 or

About Mentis
Mentis Neuro Health is a leader in the provision of post-acute rehabilitation for persons with an acquired brain injury, addressing the sequelae of mobility, social interaction, communication, employability and re-entry into their homes and communities. The company employs a transdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals who draw upon a broad spectrum of innovative rehabilitation programs and processes, as well as additional support services, in the development of personalized treatment plans that improve the quality and sustainability of care provided to each individual patient. The company currently operates six neuro health facilities located in Texas and Ohio, and each facility is specially designed to deliver “Excellence in Individualized Care.”

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