Patients Help with Hurricane Harvey Recovery Efforts

Late August – early September 2017 marked the arrival of Hurricane Harvey on the south Texas coast. The city of Houston and many of our Mentis family members were severely impacted by this storm. People and organizations from across the country came to the aid of Texas. In fact, the patients of the Mentis Austin Day Program expressed the desire to help the people of Houston. Our therapists had also been voicing their desire to help, so they worked with our patients on this project without losing sight of why our patients are at the Austin Day Program. Some patients went shopping for items, allowing them to work on such skills as money management, scanning and memory. Other patients focused on fine motor group work and assembled care packages. Our patients then ventured out on a Community Outing with the therapists and delivered the packages to Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN).

This recent event is a good reminder that Mentis wants the best for our patients. When we work together as a team, we can achieve greatness even in difficult times and uncertainty.

Best wishes for our Mentis Houston family during this difficult time.

Austin Sheffield
Program Director
Mentis Austin

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